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Finding Time

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

As business owners and leaders, we often work long hours and are pulled in many different directions. How can we get it all done? Below are a few ways to find time and free up your schedule:

Outsource at home

Are you spending hours cleaning your home? Taking care of the yard? If it is financially viable you should consider outsourcing household chores. Think of the time you will gain to spend time with your family, take care of yourself or grow your business. Other less expensive options - save time on household shopping by using curbside pick-up, grocery delivery or meal prep services.

Selectively volunteering

Business leaders normally have many skills non-profits value and would like for you to help them further their cause. However accepting too many of these invitations may overwhelm you and pull you away from your business. You cannot do it all so be selective when volunteering. Really examine the opportunity for alignment with your goals, values and gifting. It may not be the right opportunity for you right now but may be an option later in life. If after thoughtful consideration your determine it is a fit, go for it! Volunteering that fits your make-up and lifestyle will benefit not only the cause but your personal health as well.

Define your life goals

We all want to have a thriving personal and family life however most of us do not intentionally set goals or plan for it. I believe this is the best way for you to not only find time but also be purposeful with your life. Creating simple yet specific goals for the next 1-5 years of your life will provide insight, clarity and structure. Once you define your goals for your business, personal and family life you can shed activities that are not necessary for ongoing growth and development.

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