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In Depth Strategy & Coaching

In Depth Strategy & Coaching

Below are summaries that provide in depth looks into my strategy and coaching services.

Five reasons to invest in strategy & coaching

Define your true goals for the future

Most of us have lots of vision around how big we would like our business to get or what we want our lives to be like, but we rarely write them down and make a plan to get there. Talking through them we will determine feasibility, timing and an action plan to get there.



Prioritize your lengthy list of growth concepts

How do I get all of this done? What should I work on first? We will work through an analysis to prioritize your ideas based on multiple factors including value, ease and passion. Then we will come up with a plan to bring your big ideas to reality.


Invest in more people, property or equipment

Before you make a big investment, we will run through a financial and risk analysis to ensure you are making the right decision. We will also brainstorm and work through other options to fine tune your plan to increase your chance of success.


Confirm you are making the right decisions

The saying “It’s lonely at the top” is so true for a business owner. Sometimes you need to bounce ideas off somebody and get unfiltered, qualified input. 


Identify and mitigate business risks

It isn’t all about growth. There are issues in every business and it is critical for a business owner to know what they are. We will identify those risks and decide if they need to be addressed. If so, we will come up with a clear action plan to reduce the risk or modify the business model.

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My Strategy Process

A clear, concise strategic plan is critical to profitably growing your business. Using my proprietary process, we will grow your company together while leaving you time to lead your team and manage your day-to-day responsibilities.  

During our first two to three meetings, we will discuss you and your business. Through a series of questions and a business analysis tool I will be able to get a good understanding of how we can grow your business. I will divide up the opportunities into two categories:  quick wins, strategic initiatives.  Quick wins are immediate opportunities for growth that can be executed in two weeks. Strategic initiatives take six to eight weeks to complete and will be the key growth drivers for your business.

Meeting via Zoom on a biweekly basis we will work on one strategic initiative at a time. Using research, business analysis tools and conversation we will work through the chosen strategic initiative and create an action plan. Once we complete a strategic initiative, we will move on to the next one. By focusing on one initiative at a time you will be able to execute it well while managing your business.

Examples of potential strategic initiatives:
•    Updating your value proposition
•    Service offering expansion
•    Pricing analysis
•    Promotion strategy
•    Work/Life balance plan


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