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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you help women grow their businesses?
    I’ve spent more than 20 years in executive leadership growing businesses. Now I help women-owned small businesses grow and become more profitable by utilizing my strategy and business-development expertise and experience. I specialize in helping my clients create purposeful, collaborative, work/life balanced environments where they and their employees can thrive. It all begins with a clear, concise strategic plan.
  • How can a written business strategy help my business?
    As the old saying goes, “nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan.” A written business strategy helps ensure that every aspect of a business is planned. It helps you stay focused on your goals. It helps you better understand the needs of your business. A written business strategy can serve as a roadmap for business growth.
  • Why do business owners struggle with implementing business strategy?
    This is an excellent question! A written business strategy helps you clarify your goals, encourages accountability, and helps you track your progress. Oftentimes, following a written business strategy requires change—changes to business processes, practices, and policies—and change is often difficult when you have a lot of things competing for your time (as we all do). By drafting and implementing a business strategy while participating in regular meetings with a business growth consultant, you have the benefit of working with an accountability partner who helps you complete your action items and move forward.
  • Do you offer a free consultation? What can I expect from the initial consultation?
    Yes! My Intro To Strategic Planning service is a free, 30-minute online Zoom meeting where we can get to know each other, I can learn about your business, and you can learn more about my services and how I can help you grow your business. Click the button to book this free consultation now.
  • What industries or businesses do you specialize in? Size of business? Do you work with startups or existing businesses?
    I’ve worked with hundreds of small, medium, and large companies during my professional career, across nearly all markets and industries. Today, my focus is on women who have an existing business and are looking for their next growth stage, regardless of industry.
  • What kind of background and experience do you have? Do you specialize in any particular areas of business strategy?
    Business consultants typically focus on increasing sales and revenues, expanding profitability, and improving quality. I focus on those four aspects as well as helping to create purposeful, collaborative, work/life balanced environments where the business owners and their employees can thrive. This aspect of work/life balance is unique to my consulting service.
  • What problems does business consulting typically solve? What results can I expect?
    Business consultants typically focus on revenue growth, profitability management, and investment analysis. In my business I include improving the quality of a business through a high referral rate, repeatable sales, and multiple income streams as well as developing personally. Both aspects will increase work/life balance, which is unique to my consulting service.
  • Are there things you don’t help business owners with?
    A few, yes. I don’t provide legal or tax advice. I don’t help businesses raise funding or capital. I don’t perform financial analysis.
  • Do you only work with women business owners?
    Though my focus and expertise are aligned with women-owned businesses, I welcome clients regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Isn't business consulting expensive? What are your consulting rates? How can I afford it?
    I like to say that business consultants are professional advisors. Most consultants have a particular expertise that makes them valuable. I specialize in helping women business owners with operational planning, implementing change, improving company culture, investing wisely, and increasing revenues. I do it for as little as $250 per month, and my clients typically realize far greater returns on that investment. No contract. Cancel at any time. Ask yourself, how can I not afford it?
  • What are the terms of working with a business consultant?
    Typically, my consulting services include two 60-minute Zoom calls per month, unlimited email and text messaging, a strategic analysis, ongoing advice, and a growth plan and action item list we keep updated. There’s no contract. You can cancel at any time.
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