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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Sometimes with everything going on it is difficult to pick up a business book. Here are 6 tips to make selecting and reading business books easier:

1. Don’t read the entire book

Most business books are filled with examples that illustrate their core concepts. Once you got the concept, stop reading! Skip to the next chapter or when you have learned enough put the book down.

2. Try listening instead

One of my clients listens to books during her commute. I listen while I am walking outside or waiting to pick up the kids. Business books usually repeat the same material so they are great for multitasking.

3. What do you need help with right now?

Instead of reading the current best seller, select a book that will help you with your current opportunity or issue. Highlight what will help you and apply it within the next week.

4. Keep a list of recommendations

When your friend recommends a great book or you see an interesting best seller in the airport, jot it down in a list in your phone. You will have a nice qualified list to select your next book at the right time.

5. Schedule reading

Book a reading appointment in your calendar and block out a half an hour. If that works for you, set it up as a reoccurring meeting.

6. Go to the library

Instead of investing in business books, go to the library and browse their selection. It's easy to find a variety of books on your chosen topic because they are all cataloged together. Take a few books home with you and then select the one that is the most interesting.

Read a good business book lately? Please let me know - I will add it to my reading list!

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