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Create a Great Value Proposition for Business Growth

In the journey to business growth, a pivotal first step is crystal-clear: You must define what you sell and understand why customers choose you. This essence is effectively captured through your value proposition, a tool that sharpens your focus on your target market, articulates your value clearly, and anchors your promotional strategy. When I embark on a partnership with a new client, creating a strong value proposition for her business is invariably our starting point.


What exactly is a value proposition?


At its core, a business value proposition concisely defines your business in two sentences. It must summarize what you offer (product or service), who you offer it to (your target market), and why customers prefer you over others. Although primarily an internal tool, it forms the backbone of your marketing strategy. It's vital to recognize that, being descriptive, a value proposition should steer clear of traditional "marketing" language.

A value proposition helps you focus on your target market leading to business growth.

Crafting Your Value Proposition


While there are various templates, my preferred approach is straightforward:


Name of business helps [target market] [value to customer] by [product/service]. [Competitive advantage].


Sounds simple enough, right? It’s simple perhaps in theory, but the process can be challenging and demands time and thoughtful consideration. Let’s explore this through a hypothetical example featuring a fictitious interior design business:


Stefanie’s Interior Design helps residential clients without decorating skills create a comfortable and modern home interior by sourcing furniture and decorations and recommending paint colors and flooring choices. Through Stefanie’s rigorous client on-boarding process, she learns their taste, budget and level of desired involvement to create a customized design, maximizing client satisfaction.


What’s Stefanie’s value proposition? Let’s break it down!


Target Market: “Residential clients lacking decorating skills.” This highlights the importance of the internal nature of a value proposition. The language used here may not always be client-facing but is invaluable for internal clarity and marketing strategy development.


Value to Customer: “The creation of a modern, comfortable living space.” By focusing on specific outcomes, Stefanie not only positions herself as a modern decor specialist but also clearly establishes what she does not do.


Product/Service: Here Stefanie lists the specific actions taken to achieve the end goal, avoiding vague descriptions and focusing on tangible services provided. In this case, “expertly sourcing furniture and decorations and recommending paint colors and flooring choices.”


Competitive Advantage: A detailed on-boarding process tailored to client preferences sets Stefanie apart and underscores her commitment to personalized service. This dedication is precisely why clients choose Stefanie's business over her competitors. By doing her homework upfront and customizing each quote, Stefanie ensures that every client is satisfied.

Writing a clear value proposition will help you grow your business.

Your turn!


I encourage you to dedicate 30 to 60 minutes to drafting your value proposition. When it’s completed, put it away for a day or two so that you can revisit it with fresh eyes and refine it as needed. Seek feedback on your business value proposition to see if is accurate and makes sense.


Ready for growth?


Embarking on a path to elevate your business involves enhancing revenue, boosting profitability, ensuring quality, making strategic investments, and fostering personal development. If you're poised to take these steps, I'm here to guide you. Connect with me for a complimentary growth-strategy session that could be the first step toward your business’s thriving future!

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