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Referrals: Use your existing customer base to grow your business

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Most likely your business grew because of referrals. But how do you keep the referrals coming in?

1) Track your referrals

When you get a new customer ask them who referred them. Create a way to track this information that works for you. This will help you understand how important referrals are to your business and who is referring for you. Extra credit – Tracking the percentage of business gained through referrals and set a target.

2) Proactively give thanks for each referral

Reach out with a personal thank you to every customer who referred new business to you. Best practice is to do this within 7 days of the first sale. My preference is to thank them in person, call them or send them a hand written note. An inexpensive gift is a nice touch. This demonstrates that you not only value the referral, you value your relationship.

3) Identify referral stars

Who are your top referrers? The 80/20 rule may apply here. Most likely you have a few stars who are referring the heck out of your business. Identify them and shower them with extra attention or a token gift. They deserve it!

4) Make referring you easy

In your phone create your own business contact (no personal info!). Share it as you would a business card. This allows your referrers to send your contact information via text to potential referees.

Another way a referrer will share your information is by forwarding your website. Make sure it is up-to-date and relevant. If you don’t have one, develop one using an online service asap. It is easy to do and inexpensive.

Good luck and reach out if you have questions. If you enjoyed this summary please share it!

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